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hugloren vip

Fresh Meals Delivered To You Door

Hugloren VIP has no fixed menus. You always pick the meals you like. We have great new menu created every single week! Let us do the planning, shopping, and delivering, for you! CURRENTLY ONLY SERVING in Las Vegas community.

WELCOME to HuglorenVIP

We are a creative Cuisine meal prep company who delivers premium meals to your doorstep. 

We have a new five-item menu created every single week, it is a brand new menu based on the season, and the creative passion of our chef's.

We truly want each week to be exciting and new, We are meticulous about the ingredients we choose and how we guarantee the freshest nutrients for you. 

Customize your meals

We offer well portioned meals. Depending on your diet or on your preference, you can decide if you want extra protein, no carbs, more veggies, etc. Customize your meals on the MENU Pages!!

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